Xarcom, s.c.p. born from the merger of two family businesses Berguedana, Electronics and Television Vancells Montes, sl fully dedicated to the reception and distribution of television signals, both terrestrial and satellite, as well as the sale, installation and repair of televisions, stereos and other appliances. On 23 in March 2004, is the company with the objective to acquire, manage, improve and increase service networks Avià Berga Guardiola de Berguedà and La Pobla de Lillet in the company that made these facilities and owns them until then (TT Tecnocolor Telecomunicaciones, SL) of even.
     On 27 of May 2004, we get projects HFC (hybrid fiber optic and coaxial cable) our networks, sealed by the Illustrious College of Telecommunications Engineers of Catalonia requirement essential for registration on CMT (Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones). Currently C.N.M.C.
      On 28 July 2004   Xarcom, s.c.p. as part oficialment cable operator in the CMT the record RO 2004/1050. Since then, Xarcom, s.c.p. owns four approvals for the operation of telecommunications networks that allow the supply and exchange of information in the form of images, sounds, text, graphics, or combinations of these users in their homes, in an integrated way, as well as for the provision of cable television, interactive television, pay television, video and audio on demand, providing data transmission such as: Internet Service Providers (EDI) and electronic data interchange also providing the transport service IP telephone traffic.